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Challenge has Offices in Australia (Global Office), South Africa and USA. From these main hubs the Challenge Paper is distributed to countries throughout Africa, USA, Mexico and Central and South America.

In some instances, we partner with ministries or churches that are working in specific countries and for others, it is mission teams that take the Challenge Paper with them to use whilst in country.

Challenge produce English, Spanish and Bi-lingual African Editions that are a great help to people who are travelling to these countries and either do not speak the language or are looking for a great tool that helps to not only open the door to conversation but leaves each reader with a clear presentation of the gospel.

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The Challenge Prison Ministry was born in 2011 to reach the U.S. prison system which is a vast mission field. Challenge wanted to bring the Good News to prisoners who are desperate for hope. Additionally, to assist the prison chaplains by reinforcing their tireless efforts as they serve the prison community.

Why Help Prisoners?

As of today, the Challenge newspaper is in over 360 prisons throughout the United States and Canada. The response to these newspapers has been immense. Chaplains inform us that the prison edition disappears from their shelves. Prisoners write and tell us how the articles have encouraged them to learn more about Jesus and His saving grace. These prisoners are hungry to know that they too can be forgiven and redeemed. In 2020 alone, we have received over 1000 prisoner responses to the gospel message which is included in every Challenge newspaper.

Prisoner Testimonies (From Reading the Paper).

Prisoner M.M. (TX)

I send my greetings to you and desire the grace and mercy of God always to each one of you. The reason I am writing is to tell you that I've never, in my 14 years in prison, had the opportunity to read such a nice and interesting newspaper. The best part of all is that it is in Spanish.

Prisoner E.G. (TX)

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. I was blessed to come across your Challenge the Good News paper. I find it very inspiring at this point and time in my life… I believe this prison edition was meant for me to read for I am an ex-gang member, that I also have given my life of 40 years to the Lord. I find your newspaper an amazing read. Thank you and God Bless you all for all that you do for us behind these concrete walls and steel doors.

Prisoner J.E. (TX)

Greetings to the Challenge Newspaper. I don’t know how to begin but I am currently in prison and I am repentant of all of the bad that I had done when I was out in the world. I don’t want to go back to the same problems; I want to be a different person. I found the way of God but the truth is I don’t understand many things and I would like to receive more literature about the things of God in Spanish. A cellmate here gave me the Challenge Newspaper and I read it and I loved everything that it said. When I think about it, I want God to hear me although I have made many mistakes and keep making them where I'm at here. It's difficult to not stay in my problems, but I want to change.

Prisoner E.G. (TX)

I enjoy reading all the stories of the many people (like me) who witness the truth – how God transformed their life. When I read all the testimony stories of all the people in the newspaper, it was like their words resonated in me. I could relate to their stories because I’ve been there and done that.

Prisoner D. (AL)

As I look into the mirror I find a stained image. One who has spent many a moon in his own bondage as you can tell by the return address. I needed to tell you what your newspaper has meant to me. To say this will cause me to drop a few points in my “gangsta” hood, but so be it. Reading what so many souls were saying about God well, it seemed as if I could hear them speaking into my soul. It made me wonder if there is life or hope for someone like me. I don’t deserve it as I’ve left nothing in my wake but heartache and pain. My only claim to fame-crime. I have wasted 40 years of my life. You have taken a hardened man and given him hope. Your newspaper has made a difference in at least one life. You’ve given me sunshine where there was once so much darkness. I am not asking for you to feel my pain but simply to remember my chains.

Prisoner D. (OH)

I received your “Challenge, the Good News Paper” from one of my friends. I have read many books here and nothing really spoke to me or pulled me in the way this paper did. I related to many of the stories. I never really have been a “believer” as far as what I thought a “real Christian” should be. I was brought up in a decent home and somewhat “Christian like”, but I have 2 children and I really want to live a good life. I felt like my spirit was enlightened by reading the Challenge.

Discipleship for Prisoners

Challenge forges partnerships with the prison Chaplains to promote discipleship of inmates and their families. Many prisoners respond to a notice placed in the prison edition for Crossroads Prison Ministry (CPM). All requests for more biblical material like Bibles and Bible studies are sent on to CPM to correspond with the prisoners' request.

Crossroads Prison Ministry (CPM)

Crossroads Prison Ministry (CPM) is an international discipleship ministry for prisoners and their families. CPM equips the church to disciple prisoners with the Word of God. CPM connects prisoners with volunteer mentors on the outside. Friendships are formed. The life of both the prisoner and mentor are changed as they exchange letters, study God’s Word and apply biblical truths to their lives.

Testimonials and Endorsements

Individuals, Families, Churches, Ministries and Businesses all have incredible testimonies of the opportunities they have had to share the Gospel and experience the joy of seeing someone come to a saving faith in Jesus.

Jack Helton: State Evangelism Director SBC Ohio

"If you are looking for a publication that can enhance your evangelism efforts in your local church context, this could be what you are looking for. I would like to ask you to read a copy of the Challenge newspaper, look it over and examine its contents. Isn't it a great reflection of the gospel that tells true, life changing and life touching stories? Couldn't you find a place for it in your evangelism platform?"

Leah Busick: Argentina Mission Trip Leader with SCORE Intl.

"While working in Argentina with SCORE International, we handed out the Spanish edition of the Challenge newspaper. It is a great mission tool in reaching the community even if you don't speak their language. It helps start real conversations and reaches into homes and families. You see, what we found out is that they do not read the newspaper and then throw it away. No, they pass it on family to family and home to home."

Brett Hoyle: Senior Pastor First Baptist Church in Friona, Texas

“We have strategically targeted waiting rooms, places of employment, and a few local businesses as locations to have the paper available for people to take and read...The responses from businesses and people in our community have been very favorable to having the paper available, and it helps to create more of a presence in our community for the church.”

Paul Dondoh: Pastor, Nyakatch, Kenya

“We distributed copies of the paper to Peace Makers Fellowship church and at Kolweny Market. We had distributed 8,000 copies within less than an hour. People rushed to get the paper. They came on motorbikes, bikes and on foot just to get a copy. We bless the Lord as many people have called us just to testify how the paper has blessed them.”

Chaplain Luis Ortiz: Entry Center for Indiana Dept. of Corrections, Indiana

"Hello, we just received our copies of THE GOOD NEWS PAPER thank you so very much, the residents love them and so do I. So many fantastic testimonies and just a GREAT read. Thank you again and let's continue together to spread the Gospel !!! God Bless You All GOD is still on the THRONE !!!!!"

Charles Nolan Jnr.: Chaplain Halawa Correctional Facility, Hawaii

"These materials will greatly support and lift the brothers here that attend the Halawa Prison Chapel. This was definitely not expected but so greatly appreciated. It brings warmth and peace to my heart and soul to know that there are believers such as your ministry that will go to great lengths to support and extend blessings of Jesus Christ to fellow Christians in prison chapels such as ours. Thank you again for everything, my words cannot express my gratitude enough. God bless and I hope that we receive your continued support and prayers in the future."

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