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Challenge Literature Fellowship follows the basic doctrine of salvation being sin, repentance, the forgiveness and love of God and so on. You can view our Statement of Faith here.

It is best to go and speak directly to the business owner or manager of the business. Look for Christian businesses or businesses that support local churches. Another idea is to check with a business that allow magazines and newspapers in their lobby as a courtesy to their customers.

The newspaper stands work as well as the church is willing to own the stands.  By this we mean to make sure the papers are well positioned, the newspapers are always kept in the stands, the newspaper are inserted with an information flyer or insert about who, where and what the church is about.  Then, of course, it goes without saying that the church is much in prayer making sure that everyone is praying for each person who takes the paper out of the stand.

Newspaper stands can be placed in business and shops. Others places such as doctor and dental offices, restaurant and hotel lobbies. laundromats and so forth. It goes without saying that positioning the stand well is very important.

Yes, it is possible to place a church’s/organization’s contact information on the newspaper. This is called an overprint and there are a couple of requirements to place an overprint.  1.) Must order a minimum of 1000 newspapers, and 2.) There is an additional fee. View the Price List here. An overprint entails the church/organization details (address, contact info, service times and so forth) and the name of the church/organization on the front which usually ties in with the name of the church/organization. 

We have a team of journalists and writers from around the globe who contribute articles to us as well as other publications that we are able to gain stories.  We also gain material from resources online. There are numerous websites that run materials/articles that are suitable for the Challenge. This allows us to put together a newspaper that has a broad spectrum of stories to really appeal to a cross section of the community and indeed families.

It is pretty easy to use the Challenge newspaper. Many individuals and families use the Challenge in their neighborhood and communities by just handling it out. If you use the paper as an outreach tool, we recommend that you become familiar with the content in the paper. Why is this important? It is important because it allows you to use the stories as a stepping stone into a conversation. As you talk together, you may point out a story that may be of interest or relevant to them. This will make it personal and possibly have more impact.

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