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Why Share Your Testimony?

Ready To Share Your Testimony?

For many people they may have heard or even read a little about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. One of the main differences people notice between a Christian and people of other faiths is a personal relationship with the known God of the Bible. He is not a far off, unknow entity or spirit but a personally known and experienced God. It is a daily living relationship where we get to speak with God and He speaks, leads and guides us.

Often times, when we speak with people of other faiths or of no faith our discussion can become circular or even argumentative as they disagree with our views and opinions. When it comes to our personal relationship and experience with Jesus Christ, people may not necessarily like it but they cannot deny what Jesus has done for you.

One of the hurdles that we all face is knowing where and how to start sharing our testimony and what are the important things to highlight as we share. That is where this Testimony outline will help to guide you easily and clearly through the simple steps of your testimony. You can use this to simply work through your own story so that you are ready to answer anyone who asks you about you life and faith. If you are will to share you story on a broader platform, we would love to be able to publish it in the Challenge paper, that many may hear the hope found in Jesus Christ through your story.

This testimony form is the simple guide we use for testimonies, written in chronological order about what people seeking Christ most need to hear. When you write, try to avoid using terms and phrases that only Christians would understand. And tell people the truth about yourself - your failures, problems and hopes -- as people read that they will (God willing) believe and identify with what you have to say about your faith too.

If you feel God is leading you to share your testimony, we pray that writing it is a blessing to you, as we know it will be to for many thousands of people who don't (yet!) know Christ. With your permission, your testimony may be published in Australia, USA and several countries in Southern Africa.

Ready To Share Your Testimony?

As an evangelistic tool full of testimonies, we are always looking for more testimonies for the papers.

Sometimes people are hesitant to share because they believe their testimony is not that impressive.

However, we believe that EVERY TESTIMONY is impressive because JESUS IN YOU is the testimony and His work is miraculous.

Please consider sharing yours. (If you'd like more information about this: Click Here.)

If you'd prefer, download the pdf to print and fill out. 

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