Helping Christians Introduce People to Jesus.

How Your Donation Helps

We value EVERY donation that is made to Challenge.

These gifts are used for:

  • Distributing papers to ministries and people who cannot afford to pay.
  • Sending to prisons.
  • Printing.
  • Production: in support of the staff who gather, write, collate, edit, interview, promote, train.
  • And many more ...

Share Your Story/Testimony

As an evangelistic tool full of testimonies, we are always looking for more testimonies for the papers.

Sometimes people are hesitant to share because they believe their testimony is not that impressive.

However, we believe that EVERY TESTIMONY is impressive because JESUS IN YOU is the testimony and His work is miraculous.

Please consider sharing yours. (If you'd like more information about this: Click Here.)

Be a Challenge Champion in Your Church

Please talk to us about become an advocate for Challenge in your church.

We are looking for people with a passion for evangelism who would like to see others in their church mobilized to share their faith.

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