Christmas and Easter are the two times of the year that people EXPECT Christians to SHARE THEIR FAITH. 

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The Challenge News Papers allow You To Share your faith In Minutes!
    No Fear about Finding the Right Words
  • Benefit #1: You can offer the paper as a gift to anyone
  • Benefit #2: A variety of testimonies describe restoration
  • Benefit #3: Different stories resonate with different people
  • Benefit #4: Useful articles on practical topics
  • Benefit #5: Kids pages are a hit with everyone
  • Benefit #6: Written in simple, everyday language

Absolutely Amazing!

"Our church went from using 20 papers to 1000 papers every month simply by placing a Challenge Stand in two local shops."

A NEWSPAPER STAND is an excellent 24/7 evangelist for your local community

  • Develop the presence and profile of your church
  • Add flyers to advertise church activities to the community
  • ​Reach a wider spectrum of unbelievers
  • ​Allow people to take a copy by choice

Don't Miss These Opportunities

Include your Church's Christmas Invite

Add to Thanksgiving Baskets

    "If you are looking for a publication that can enhance your evangelism efforts in
your local church context, this could be what you are looking for. I would like to ask you to read
a copy of the Challenge newspaper, look it over and examine its contents. Couldn't you find a 
place for it in your evangelism platform?" - Jack Helton, State Evangelism Director, SBC Ohio

Place in Christmas Gift Boxes

   Give the gift of Good News when you share gifts with your Christmas outreach efforts. Share the true reason for this season.

Share with Family, Friends, and Neighbors

   "I had the privilege to lead my mom, aged 83, to Christ. She thought Jesus was just a legend, until she read about people’s personal experience of Jesus Christ in the Challenge newspaper. "

Give Out at Special Outreach Events

    "The thing about Challenge is, people don't fear it. It's a great opener to talk to
them about the Lord." - Sandy Huddleson, volunteer handing out Challenge newspapers at an
annual church car show in Lebanon, Ohio

Place Papers Strategically

   “We have strategically targeted waiting rooms, places of employment, and a few
local businesses as locations to have the paper available for people to take and read...The
responses from businesses and people in our community have been very favorable to having the
paper available, and it helps to create more of a presence in our community for the church.”
- Brett Hoyle, First Baptist Church in Friona, Texas

Reach your Community

   "Our church delivered 550 papers to homes every three months and then followed up. When asked, 530 people requested to continue receiving the newspaper."
Prayerfully share a Challenge Paper with at least ONE friend, relative, or stranger this holiday season.

Then, invite them to church

80% of people said they WOULD attend church if they were INVITED by a friend. 

Who is the one you could invite today?